Jane Julier Alexander Technique
Jane Julier

Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique isn't a therapy, treatment or exercise. It can be employed in any activity such as these:

Why do we get pain and tension?
We all have our own unique patterns in the way we move in our daily lives.
For example walking, sitting, reaching to pick up something, talking on the phone.
These are unconscious and automatic habits that have developed over the years.
These habits can cause compression between the joints and shortening in the muscles.
Responding to difficult situations - rushing for work- performance nerves- confrontational issues - Everything gets pulled down- tension happens- pain results.

How long does it take to learn the Alexander Technique?
The technique is a re-education process of the mind and body and is a constant and evolving process.
I encourage pupils to have at least 6 lessons; the more lessons, the more the pupil can be reminded of the process, creating a deeper understanding of the connection between mind and body.

Can I have a trial first lesson?

What happens in a lesson?

The one to one sessions are called 'lessons' because the Alexander Technique is an educational form of learning to help oneself

The lesson (which is fully clothed) involves simple movements such as walking, standing and sitting. This can provide a lot of information about individual posture and tension patterns.

My instruction is given verbally and visually, along with gentle guidance with my hands.
For example, I might place my hands on your neck, head or shoulders, gently guiding your body.
This is to encourage a release of tension and compression, giving you a new experience in freedom of movement.
Sometimes this can feel quite odd and even wrong, because habits are so ingrained and therefore feel 'right'- it is what you are used to.
But when we realise more clearly and consciously what it is that we 'do' we can start to respond in a different way.

As part of the lesson there may be 'table turn'.
It is lovely opportunity to really lengthen and widen along the spine and freeing and lengthening your arms and legs, without gravity pulling you down.

As the lessons progress, other tasks and activities in life can be introduced. For instance, playing a musical instrument, analysing sports activities or the ergonomics of sitting at a computer.

This re-education of mind and body takes time to evolve and takes a commitment and a desire to change old habits and patterns, but it is very rewarding, and enlightening.

How much do my lessons cost?
£32.00 for 45 minutes