Jane Julier Alexander Technique
Jane Julier

Alexander Technique and Instrument Making

After many years in her career as an musical instrument maker, Jane began to
experience chronic back pain due to the extensive hours spent at her workbench.

The high intensity of the work means that she sometimes works in one position for long periods and then very often with repetitive movements.
Jane came to the Alexander Technique years ago as a way of helping her at
work and she soon discovered that she had not been aware at all of what she
was doing to her body. She was building up extremely painful tension in her
back and neck muscles.

The Alexander Technique lessons helped Jane so much that she decided to
take the work to a deeper level and undertook the 3 year training course to
become an Alexander Technique teacher.

She studied at the Bristol Alexander Teacher Training School ( BATTSA),
graduating in 2010 and she is a qualified teacher and member of STAT
(Society of Teachers of Alexander Technique.)

Jane continues to work as a musical instrument maker as well as an Alexander
Technique teacher, as one informs the other all of the time.

She believes the Alexander technique is a practical application to all sorts of
activities and indeed life's challenges as they present themselves.

From a personal point of view as Jane applies the technique to her instrument
making, the freedom and connection from her hands to her tools and to the
wood have taken on a new dimension in the sound quality of her instruments.

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'Over the years I am continually astonished and delighted to discover how these
two professions complement each other in terms of helping me problem solve
and development my skills, both as a maker and teacher of the Alexander