Jane Julier Alexander Technique

Jane Julier BA (Hons) S.T.A.T.

Alexander Technique Teacher

It is a practical teaching method that offers you the opportunity to learn to move in a more effecient and balanced way.
It is an observation of your body mechanics and how we use them.

This gives you the possibility to recognise your habits, develop your consciousness and to allow an opportunity to change in your movement using the appropriate amount of effort.

A new way of thinking and awareness leads to less tension and more freedom and space.

The Alexander Technique will give you a valuable tool kit to take away so that with these new skills you can begin to move more naturally and be more in touch with yourself in body and mind.

The Alexander Technique enables you to help identify and change patterns of tension, whether at home or at work. For example when you walk, run, stand, sit, drive, cycle, play a musical instrument or the various challenges presented at the workplace.

In fact anything that involves movement, even movement in stillness.


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noun    ten|seg¦rity

the characteristic property of a stable three-dimensional structure consisting of members under tension that are contiguous and members under compression that are not.

tensegrity model